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Parallel Keys

We’ve created an exceptional range of Parallel Keys thanks to our domain expertise. As a result, we’ve been well-known in India as a Parallel keys manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. This is used to link a shaft to a rotating machine part. Engines, gearboxes, starters, alternators, and fuel injection pumps are just a few of the sub-assemblies that utilize these keys.

Parallel Keys are used in all industries where power transmission necessitates the locking of gear, a pulley, or a coupling. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Parallel Keys, with items such as Both End Flat Plain Parallel Keys, One End Round Parallel Keys, Both End Flat Parallel Keys, and Taper Keys among our offerings. We’re also known for being a parallel keys manufacturer and supplier.

All of these keys are created with aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel materials that we source from the best and most reliable vendors in the market so that we can provide only the highest quality items to our customers. Our low-cost keys are in high demand in the industry due to their great features such as corrosion and moisture resistance, fine finish, tensile strength, ease of use, and customization options. If you’re looking for parallel keys in India, manufacturers of parallel keys in India, suppliers of parallel keys in India, or exporters of parallel keys in India, go no further than Linava Engineering.