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    Welcome To Linava Engineering

    Linava Engineering initiated its industrial operations and in just a few years achieved a global occupancy as India’s leading manufacturer, trader, importer, and exporter of parallel keys, woodruff keys, industrial fasteners, turn components, and hardware.

    We have reached this place because of our commitments and sheer dedication. Linava Engineering believes in quality. However, we do not let it down on the quality part as well. We make sure that our clients and customers get the best services in the market while making sure that we are providing them high quality stuff in the desired quantity.

    For years now, we are working in this industry tirelessly to build trust and rapport with our clients. We make sure that we never let down our clients. We don’t just believe in providing high-quality material but we believe in providing complete satisfaction. Our after delivery service is unparalleled in the industry and Livana Engineering is very proud of having this reputation.

    Livana Engineering was just a dream when it started. And like every success story we achieved our goals by combining hard work and smart work. Our experienced and skilled engineers create designs and prepare customized solutions for our clients to make sure that we cover all the requirements of the client.

    We have been a qualified organization since the beginning, bringing forward a high-quality range of components such as Precision Turned Parts, Woodruff Keys, Machine Keys, and Brass Turned Components. We offer a top-of-the-line selection of goods that are widely demanded for their solid construction, superb finishing, dimensional precision, rust resistance, and ability to be customized to meet specific application needs.

    Why Us?

    • We collaborate with you. We don’t consider ourselves vendors; instead, we believe in going the extra mile in business.
    • As mentioned we do not see ourselves as vendors but our clients’ business partners. We make sure that we always provide the perfect solution and fulfill the requirements of every single one of our collaborators.
    • When you work with us, you can count on consistent quality, every time!
    • We do not just believe in quantity but in quality. We make sure that our collaborators get the best quality services regardless of the quantity. Livana Engineering specializes in customization as well to fulfill the requirements of our collaborators and unlike anyone else, we make sure that we provide top-notch quality even in custom sizes and designs.
    • We value your business and are completely focused on maintaining a high-level relationship with you and helping your business grow better and bigger.
    • We don’t see business as just business but as a brainchild of our collaborators. We understand that it takes sweat and blood to build the business and how important things could be for everyone.
    • We know you’d rather pay a fair price for a good product than pay a lower price for a poor quality one. There are many different Engineering design solution providers and it is possible that some of them may maintain the quality the way we do but none can do it in the price range that we provide. This is a proud thing for us as Linava Engineering as no one can compete with us in terms of quality and price range.
    • We just credit your foresight in selecting us as the best option!


    Linava Engineering is dedicated to providing high-quality goods that not only meet but also surpass your needs and expectations.

    Our Quality Policy

    We are particularly conscientious about supplying products of the highest quality. Linava Engineering has always made sure that our collaborators and clients get the best-in-class quality at the most reasonable price.

    Linava Engineering has never differentiated between the clients or we never compromised on the quality of the product.

    For us, every order regardless of size is our priority and for us, all the orders have to be done to the best quality.

    Loyalty matters for us too, so there are some definite advantages for our customers and collaborators who are working with us for the longest time of period but for those who are new joiners will surely get the same quality service and products as well. For us, every client is in priority.

    In order to maintain the quality, we perform multiple inspections for every stage. From the manufacturing stage to the shipping stage, we always make sure that our product passes through a quality test.